The time of deliver can be longer as usual. We are located in the Caribbean and it can take 2 until 4 weeks until your order arrive. But don't worry all orders till now arrived well.

Deliver cost by "La Poste" of Saint Martin

- 100 g       8,50 Dollar

- 250 g     14,50 Dollar

- 500 g     16,50 Dollar

- 1000 g   19,50 Dollar

- 2000 g   32,50 Dollar

- 3000 g   45,50 Dollar

If we are not able to send it to you in one step we will pay the shipping cost for the second shippment.

You prefer DHL, UPS or Fedex we can do that. It will cost more but you can have your order in a view days.

Please let us know your wish by mail and we will tell you the deliver price by e-mail

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