About me

 Hallo I am Heike.

Maybe you know me from Saint Tropez. I worked at the Pampellone Beach in the famous
Club "La Voile Rouge" selling my creations. Thanks to Maria and Ange Tomaselli.
They gave me the possibility to show and sell my jewellery there. Also I sold in Club 55,
Thaiti Beach and Nicki Beach

Or you know me from the friendly island of Saint Martin - Sint Maarten from the
beautiful Orient Beach.

Before, I was a graphic-designer and art director in Germany. But my life was
missing the sun and the sea. My longing was very strong and I thought about how
I can change my life. A big reason was also the bible.
Galatians Chapter 5 verse1 

 " Stand firm therefore in the liberty
by which Christ has made us free,
and don't be entangled again with a yoke
of bondage."

I did not feel good in an employed position to work for people. I wanted to work

on my own and to be free in my work as a designer. And God told me to do

what I like to do.

One day I met Detmar, a goldsmith and I had the idea to go to Saint Tropez

and to work there as a jewellery designer. Detmar taught me the techniques and

gave me information about the materials and my girlfriend Ingrid Kwapil gave

me a lesson in mineral stones.

I started to create and I could not stop. I was like a waterfall with endless ideas

and endless power. I was in the flow. My girlfriend Elke de Mol helped me to find a

little studio in the old part of Saint Tropez just beside the famous yellow church.

She worked hard to get the studio, because it is normaly impossible to get a studio

in Saint Tropez. She succeeded. I am still very thankful.

My dream began. I lived in the South of France under the sun, at the sea in one

of the most beautiful places in the world. And for the first time I was independent

and free. I could create what I wanted. And my wonderful clients gave me the

power to continue...

From Saint Tropez I went to Saint Martin to the next most beautiful place

under the sun . . .

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten




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